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Batek has supplied carrier bags and packaging buckets to our customers for more than 30 years.

Packing buckets

Order plastic packaging in different sizes or containers for hazardous waste

We offer a complete range from 0.2 - 61 liters divided into our eight product groups
Plastförpackningar och riskavfalls behållare är vår specialitet.
Contact us for inquiries regarding different sizes of plastic containers as well hazardous waste container!

Carrier bags

We can offer most varieties of plastic and paper bags.

We know most things when it comes to carrier bags, both in terms of models and prints. 
Our suppliers have many years of experience in production and have their own departments.
Our carrier bags mainly come from Europe. Today we can offer up to 8 colors of prints.
Order your printed plastic bags and paper bags through us. 

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About us

Batek protects the environment and supports the collection and recycling of all types of plastic packaging through our connection to

FTI - Förpacknings& tidningsinsamlingen
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Top-class warehousing in terms of automation and cleanliness.

In its ultra-modern certified BRC factories, Dijkstra was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to manufacture buckets with IML labels. IML (in mold labeling) is a technology where you cast the label itself into the plastic. Today we can offer IML labels for most sizes. Print from single-color silkscreen to six-color offset printing.

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